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Mental Health Matters

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Happiness is a state we all want, yet it is the most elusive. Can we choose to be happy? Can we choose to feel upbeat and excited about life?

We at The Mind Diaries (TMD) certainly believe so. Because feeling low, depressed, unsure, hopeless, though a familiar feeling for so many, is not a natural state for the mind. 

The pandemic that caught the world unawares in 2020, also brought several mental health issues to the fore. Work stress, relationship issues, vulnerability of children to mental health issues, solitude of the elderly, depression, anxiety, suicides, deaths we were all grappling with these and more in some form or the other.

Mental health matters and we want to showcase, how much! 

And what better way to do it than by normalising mental health issues, break the stigma around seeking help and bring alive stories of hope. A mental well-being online magazine, TMD, will be a bi-monthly. The magazine will be available digitally and in print (to be announced), in English and later in Hindi.


The range of stories will serve the dual purpose of starting the long overdue conversation about mental health in a
non-threatening manner, as well as serving as an outstretched hand to those struggling with similar issues, who may be inspired to open up and seek treatment.


Because Happy is Healthy!







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Expert Speak


To become a powerful voice for mental health awareness and knowledge and create an ecosystem that fosters beautiful minds.


Honesty, credibility, transparency, expertise


To build a credible online bi-monthly magazine on mental well being 

Our mission is:

  • To raise awareness about mental health

  • To encourage/help people reach out for help as well   as get inspired

  • To bring about a positive impact

meet the staff



Brought up by a single mother, Seema Kumar has dealt with her share of mental trauma.With her mother now almost bound to bed for the past five years, Seema is now also dealing with caregiver’s exhaustion. 

With anxiety, a part of her life, Seema more than understands the importance of mental health.

With 34 solid years of journalism behind her (including names like The Patriot, The Sunday Mail and 27 years at The Hindustan Times), Seema took the entrepreneurial route in 2015 when she started her own media company, 90CAPS Media.

TMD is her newest baby and she can’t wait for this one to grow.

Seema Kumar

Editor-in-Chief and 


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Prachi lost a very dear one to suicide. Having faced anxiety issues herself, she understands the importance of mental health. This magazine is her way of drawing attention to the crucial issue of mental health and raising awareness.

Prachi brings with her 23 years in journalism and has worked with brands like The Times of India, The Hindustan Times and The Financial Express. She has authored three books and is awaiting the launch of her fourth one. 

After quitting full time journalism 12 years back, in her new role as an independent writer for the past 12 years, she has brought out three magazines as their associate editor and a supplement for a business daily.

Prachi Raturi Misra

Managing Editor and



Doing is always better than simply talking, believes Saanchi. And that is exactly what made her co-found TYCIA Foundation, an NGO in 2011.


As a hands-on CEO, she has played the role of a facilitator in social entrepreneurship and leadership programmes. TYCIA Foundation’s work on mental health during COVID and their ongoing project with inmates of Tihar Jail helped Saanchi develop a keen interest on the issue of mental health.



TMD, she believes is a project that will go a long way in walking the talk.

Saanchi M

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

Namrata Gupta.jpg

Namrata Gupta is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. She has a degree in M.Phil. Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Delhi and a Master’s Degree

in Psychology from the Department of Psychology, University of Delhi. She is presently working as Consultant with Vimhans Hospital, New Delhi.

Namrata has an eclectic approach to psychotherapy. She is a trauma informed practitioner, and a Queer Affirmative psychotherapist. She is also trained in Neuro Linguistic programming.

Namrata works with a diverse age group of individuals from varied socio-cultural backgrounds, which includes children, couples, families, and with parents for their young ones.

Her penchant is in extending an emotionally safe space, enabling individuals to freely express themselves, heal emotionally, and recover from mental health concerns and setbacks, transitioning through changes in life.

She has experience of working across different work settings including schools, corporates, governmental organisations and hospitals setups. She undertakes training, academics and research projects.

Namrata Gupta

Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist  and

Mental Health Guide, TMD

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