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Mental health matters

India accounts for 38% of all global suicides, despite having only 17% of the global population. Presently, suicide surpasses sexual assault, malnutrition, and childbirth as the leading cause of death for Indian females aged 15-19. 


Despite the evident mental health crisis, India has 0.07 psychologists per 1 lakh of the population, a number 42 times below the WHO recommendation of 3 psychologists per 1 lakh of the population. 


Even though there are numerous indicators that India is in the midst of a mental health crisis, many refuse to acknowledge mental health issues due to the social stigma and taboos, which plague nearly every sector of Indian society. 

Until this stigma is mitigated, countless Indians will remain unwilling/unaware and/or unable to seek the treatment that could lead to a longer, happier and more meaningful life.  


The Mind Diaries (TMD) wants to be that friend who wants to give a helping hand and say, we understand.


We are building a team of experts who will address any queries that you may wish to raise regarding mental health.


Do write to us at because we are listening.


We also have a panel of experts you can connect with directly. They have been listed below.

Our Experts

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